With 21 captured rebounds against Caserta, O. D. Anosike has reached a new season record. It had still been his with a previous record of 20 rebounds that he had conquered on the 14th day on court for Cremona. For the New York centre, this counts as the 3rd best performance in his career – he secured 25 rebounds in the 2013/14 season wearing a Pesaro jersey on the 29th day against Brindisi, and also 22 against Avellino in the 2013/14 season on the 16th day. Mr Energy is then just one single rebound away from Varese Basketball Corny Thompson’s record who secured 22 against Desio in 1987/88. Anosike shares second place with Eddie Lee Wilkins who amassed 21 rebounds in the game against Forlì in the 1991/92 season. It is also a record season with regard to defensive rebounds. Anosike has the best performance of the season with 17. This equals the record for the club. Corny Thompson (1987-88), Eddie Lee Wilkins (1991/92), Stefano Rusconi (1989/90) and Richard Petruska (1996/97) had already secured 17 defensive rebounds in a game.

Another interesting statistic of the day concerns Daniele Cavaliero. Openjobmetis Varese captain, with 525 appearances in Lega Basket Serie A, reaches Gianluca Basile to become the 3rd active player in terms of number of appearances in Serie A behind Massimo Bulleri and Tomas Ress.