“Il Basket Siamo Noi” has entered a new phase. Last week at PALA2A, elections were held for the renewal of the board of directors with the ownership of the Trust of 5% going to Varese Basketball. The session, including the124 members and delegates, outlined the 9 people (3 founders, 3 gold members and 3 silver members) who will be the guiding lights over the next two years. They are the following – Umberto Argieri, Renato Vagaggini, Riccardo Aceti (founding members), Paola Guarneri, Sergio Colombo, Giuseppe Trani (gold members), Benedetta Lodolini, Fabio Gandini and Michele Oprandi (silver members). Other company positions were then also outlined – Umberto Argieri is the chair, the role of vice-chair goes to Benedetta Lodolini, that of secretary to Paola Biancheri and treasurer to Riccardo Aceti.

The new board is determined to further broaden the Red & White’s support base (primarily financial), confirming in the first instance the current number of associates (approximately 400) and progressively increasing the number. How is this to be achieved?
The new chair Umberto Argieri affirms that «“Il Basket Siamo Noi” must become a benchmark, a state of mind and a value for the fans and for the whole city. We will work with the new board and with all our members who want to rise to the occasion on these three fronts – a benchmark for all the fans of today, a state of mind for the devout who have always united the city with their basketball team, and a value for the model of participation we wish to represent».

For all those who want to join the “Il Basket Siamo Noi” project, simply visit the webpage of the Trust and find out how to become a member. With just €100 a year you can support Varese Basketball!