Openjobmetis Varese Basketball announces with great pride that it has reached an agreement in the renewal of the contract with Attilio Caja. The coach has signed a contract that will keep him at the Red & Whites for the next two seasons, demonstrating a great deal of emotional attachment and trust in the club’s project. The confirmation of Attilio Caja is a source of great pride and will allow Varese Basketball to take advantage of this collaboration with a consummate professional whose charisma and dedication to his work has never failed to contribute both on and off court.

Antonio Bulgheroni, Counsellor, Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese: «It was with a great deal of happiness and pride that I learnt Attilio had accepted our offer. Last year, the coach embarked on a strategic path that he has been carrying out with enthusiasm and professionalism. Regardless of the fact that recent results were affected by a bout of bad luck and a number of difficult moments, and this is to his credit, Attilio always manages to give an identity to the team by putting each player in a role that makes use of the best of their ability. This is a fact that must be acknowledged. Attilio also has a great work ethic that he has managed to convey to the whole group, who has recognised this fact in an absolutely exceptional way. I was particularly pleased to read a number of his statements in which he said he had a corporate mindset – this will allow us to make the best choices, in line with the budget that we have at our disposal. In this, Attilio has assisted us greatly, allowing us to build a team who play, who struggle and who, having had a little more luck, might have been in another position in the rankings today. However, I am sure that the championship is not over and that between now and the end of the season, we will be able to reach new heights».

Attilio Caja, Coach Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese: «In the first place, I wish to thank the company and the board of directors who have demonstrated this gesture as a sign of trust, which is very important for me. This renewal stimulates me and gratifies me because it is energising and allows me to go on to do better things. Working alongside Toto Bulgheroni and Claudio Coldebella is a pleasure for me because these are two people with whom I collaborate on a daily basis and who enrich me in all areas every day. These are people who allow me to better express my professional qualities. Accepting Varese’s proposal to stay for another two years was the most logical thing I could have done. I am in an environment here where I always feel at ease and where I know I can give my best because I am surrounded by people for whom I have the utmost esteem and respect. I am sure that thanks to the work we do every day, we will do our best to provide the satisfaction that the company and the public of Varese deserves. The Red & White’s fans have showered me with affection, encouragement and an intimacy that has always given me immense pleasure, so much so that I feel indebted to do more and more with the players that we have, who are truly great. For the future, I hope we can keep most of them because the players truly have a great attitude. We are committed to strive to pay back those who have had confidence in us, primarily the club, but also the fans who always make the environment in the PALA2A very special. For all this, I feel I have the responsibility to do better. I am proud that I’m going to work for another two years, for this historic organisation, in this great area which is Italian basketball».