The first BCC Cup trophy has gone to… solidarity! The high turnout in the stands of PalaBorsani and the competitiveness on display of both the Openjobmetis Varese Basketball and Legnano Knights players, won the hearts of all basketball lovers and fans. On Tuesday, 21 February, the first session of the trophy was played out that the BCC of Busto Garolfo and Buguggiate had promoted with the collaboration of two notable basketball organisations with one big goal: to transform passion for basketball into a gesture of solidarity for the region. A sum of €10,000 was donated to the non-profit, “Il Ponte del Sorriso” Foundation, a Varese organisation that has been providing assistance to children in hospital for over two decades, and is supporting the construction of the new children’s hospital in Varese. The amount was reached due to the takings obtained from ticket sales, which was doubled by BCC Garolfo and Buguggiate.

The cheque was presented to the president of the foundation, Emanuela Crivellaro, by the chairman of the BCC Roberto Scazzosi, Marco Tajana, chairman of Legnano Knights and Riccardo Polinelli, board member of Openjobmetis Varese Basketball. «Our gratitude comes directly from the children -said Crivellaro-. The BCC Cup chose the smiles of the children in hospital. My gratitude goes out to all the invaluable support you have given and shown to continue our support for the little ones».

«The BCC Cup is concrete testimony to the fact that when a region is capable of networking, results are achieved –says Chairman Scazzosi of the BCC-. It was a great sports event, where the two teams, both endowed with competitive spirit and showmanship, the ‘Altomilanese’ and ‘Varesotto’, showed that they both share the virtue of solidarity. This motivates us to continue along this path, making the BCC Cup a recurring event, a moment where the region supports a project in accordance with the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, which is the foundation of cooperative banks. In the 120th year of the foundation of our credit institution, we are pleased to give life to not only an initiative which contains an element of taking part, but also, most of all, to one that is engaging».

«We are really proud that we have created a wonderful evening of sport and charity that was impeccably organised by the friends of Legnano Knights, together with Varese Basketball and the BCC of Busto Garolfo and Buguggiate –says Riccardo Polinelli, board member of Varese Basketball-. Working together with the noble aim of giving tangible support to the non-profit, The Bridge of Smiles Foundation, was definitely both challenging and rewarding. Special thanks go to the many Legnano and Varese fans in the stands of Castellanza PalaBorsani who turned out in large numbers and showed great enthusiasm in this first session of the BCC Cup, an event that will surely be repeated in the coming years».

«I’m glad about this initiative. Everything went really well, even from the point of view of the takings, which will allow us to give a hand to the “Il Ponte del Sorriso”, beginning with entertainment and moving on to sport, is in keeping with the theme of this event –says Marco Tajana, chairman of Legnano Knights-. I think that this is the first chapter of what will become a regular event in the season and it was certainly an example of how two organisations can work together for the good of basketball, in the most general and overarching meaning of the term. I thank those who worked both in Legnano and in Varese for what turned out to be a very successful evening».

For the record, the first BCC Cup trophy was won by Openjobmetis Varese Basketball who beat Legnano Knights 85-60 in a tense and highly competitive game.