In the late afternoon of Monday, March 19 2018, the prestigious Salone Estense in the City of Varese was centre stage for the Acts of Merit in Sports awards by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) for the year 2016. Sports Clubs in the region, managers and athletes who have distinguished themselves by winning Italian, European and world titles in a variety of sports were included in the awards.

Sandro Galleani, physiotherapist and historical bedrock of Varese Basketball and current executive responsible for the Red & Whites referees, received the Bronze Star for sporting merit. During the event, the fourth โ€˜Enrico Ravasiโ€™ prize was also presented in memory of the famous surveyor Enrico Chicco Ravasi, the unforgettable chairman of CONI Varese. During the ceremony, Antonio Bulgheroni, counsellor of Varese Basketball, was recognised for his role in Varese sports both in the city and province at all levels. Gianni Chiapparo, former manager of Varese Basketball, was also recognised.