«It’s difficult to be positive after another defeat. However, I have to say that even today Sassari has many more qualities to their credit than we have faults. Dinamo, with great determination and great confidence, played an incredible game regarding their shooting – the ‘Bancos’, despite our good defence, sunk shots in certain situations with a high average that seemed almost impossible. Unfortunately, in the second half when they shot with those high averages, we made the mistake of giving away seven attack rebounds and, with those percentages, we were damned. And that’s the only comment I can make. In attack, although the percentage of 3-pointers didn’t help us, we built good plays and got close to the basket. In the end, we didn’t give up and we also managed to claw back some ground, but it wasn’t enough. I suppose I have little to complain about. Tonight was a good test for my team but unfortunately, we weren’t able to conquer the 2-pointers. And this is my biggest regret».