Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Openjobmetis Varese Basketball-Segafredo Virtus Bologna:

«I think it was a balanced match in which both teams deserved to win. Single events are the decisive ones, and in this fine balance the referees decided who was to win and who was to lose. For example, Tambone’s penalised steps that were worth +4 for us, or the scoreboard event. It would have been nice if the court had been able to decide the game. Speaking of the game, I can’t but be proud of how Giancarlo Ferrero played. He was an excellent captain and did excellent things from all points of view, both technical and physical, and his 17 points are worth as much as the 32 of a great player like Alessandro Gentile. The team, from the point of view of commitment, was excellent. We fought and played a passionate game and we were committed in defence while being less experienced than Bologna. Having forced Virtus to play right to the end means that we were tested defensively. It’s a pity, however, about the refereeing choices that decided the game».