Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese-EA7 Emporio Armani Milano:

«I’m very happy for everyone, but more so for my players who have been doing an important job for a long time. We had been a bit penalised at times and we didn’t get what we deserved, but tonight was the cherry on the cake of the first part of the season. It was a great evening. I’m happy for the fans who have always been by our side and have always helped us out in the most difficult of games. Having beaten a great and renowned opponent such as Milan gives us two important points in the rankings and gives us great confidence. I am also very happy for the company, which has always had trust in us – they have been calm and composed. In order to compete with Olimpia, we played the game we wanted to. We had to play below 70 points and we did just that. After a first half, where we battled inside the area, we risked a little more from the perimeter and, in the end, this choice proved us right. Larson has made a good impact from the outset in the championship. This gives me confidence for the future, like Wells’s trial run as guard. And even Avramovic himself played a great game tonight. But I have to give my stamp of approval to the team for how it defended for the entire 40 minutes».