«Such a great victory and a great test of the team of players, who were exemplary. Before the game, I said that to bring home the 2 points on a difficult court like Sidigas, we needed to play a battle of great defensive and mental depth. Today we managed to put our heart and soul into the game because Avellino played very well and the percentages prove it. After chasing Sidigas in the first half, we came back on court, careful and determined, and the end of the third quarter was decisive – we defended well and allowed our opponents to score only 11 points, and in attack we all found solutions to the problems we encountered. We ended the game with 4 players with double figures, and 2 players with 9 points. In addition, those who scored fewer points, in particular Cavaliero, made other contributions such as his 3-pointer, and Bulleri who, despite not scoring, managed to give up his play to Maynor to allow him to still be fresh at the end».