Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Segafredo Virtus Bologna-Openjobmetis Varese Basketball –

«We wanted to play a good game and to deserve the respect we had won in previous matches. If I had told my players that they should win, that would have been pretentious. Before the game, I asked them to play a solid match, driving them back, blow by blow and, in this respect, we did well. Analysing the technical aspects, when we were at – 2, we lost two balls, what’s more, on two choices that were right. We need to improve, but we are on the right track. Despite Bologna’s 87 points, we put in a good defence, even because many of their baskets originated from high level plays. We must congratulate the Bologna lads. We lost to a team that has won all the games they’ve played so far. Objectively, Bologna is at a higher level and I congratulate them both for what they are doing in the league and, more importantly, for what they are doing in the cup. In any case, we are on the right track, we have a lot to do, but let’s keep it up».