«We finished the season today and I’ve reminded the boys of all that we’ve achieved. We started 4 months ago in the midst of so many difficulties, and we all made it together to this glorious end of the season and we got here without changing. It was a great job since before today we were in second place in the second half of the season and, after today’s defeat, I think we’ll be fifth. I would say that this is the picture that represents the extraordinary job that has been done by everyone. Furthermore, I have to thank all my technical staff, but also the doctors and physiotherapists. All of them have been instrumental travel companions. I would go so far as to say that none of them has ever lost their clarity of mind – at the bottom of the rankings it’s easy to lose your head and we’ve always been there. I also want to share with them the results this year. I repeat, I am proud of how this Varese team has done. Beginning from last place, we were great to win 8 out of 11 games after the break for the Coppa Italia. My gratitude also goes out to the fans who even today have been behind us. Finally, I have full confidence in Coldebella and Toto Bulgheroni, and I know that we will be set for the next season».