Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese-Umana Reyer Venezia:

«First of all, I congratulate the lads who played a high-quality match and the victory was well deserved. We were ahead for 42 minutes and it would’ve been a little unfair to lose. Moreover, when the game could have turned against us, we were great at picking it up again. Today, we committed some novice plays because of our lack of exposure of playing at these levels, but my lads were good at reacting. We were excellent both at the defensive level, where we played a significant game, and at counter-attack. Honourable mention goes to the fans who created a great atmosphere. After the last two games, we needed a game like this that could give us back our confidence. The authority of the team was on display – Peak didn’t shine, but Clark and Jakovičs gave so much. I would also like to highlight Matteo Tambone’s performance – in 18 minutes, he sank some troublesome baskets when it counted. We interpreted the game perfectly. Even in the tough spots, we kept our clarity and presence on court. Congratulations once again go to the team».