Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia-Openjobmetis Varese Basketball:

«In terms of defensive impact, we played the game that we had hoped to. We were fearful of a strong start regarding Reggio Emilia that was seared into us by what had happened in the cup. We expected a very aggressive team for this reason. We tried to tone the game down and, I have to say, we did it. This is what led us to play a zone game in the first half. Unfortunately, if you don’t get the baskets, everything becomes more difficult, and with 2 out of 15 3-pointers, it’s difficult to win games. Averages like these are very difficult and frustrate all the work the team does. This unfortunately penalises us but I can’t say anything about the impact that we made. I have very little in the way of advice for the team except matters related to percentages. Congratulations to Reggio Emilia with Markoishvili who was in great form. We were dreading him and Della Valle and we managed to make great defensive plays against Della Valle, but Markoishvili got away from us. Having other strings to your bow allows you to find more alternatives in evenings like this. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any in our outsiders».