Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Red October Cantù-Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese

«I am extremely satisfied with this victory. Tonight we played a great game, an excellent game played with great fluidity in attack. In the end, we managed to win a game based on the knowledge of how Cantù play because we banked on the 90-point mark. At the break, I was a little worried about the score and I told the boys to be careful and try to play shy of the foul for first possessions in the third quarter. The game went on in this way and the team continued to play very well, passing the ball in attack. The 21 assists was the fruit of a great team effort. Then, at the crucial moments, we tightened the screws in defence. I compliment the whole team, they all took part and held their own. Cantù did not give anything away and this bolsters our achievement even more. Tonight we are proud, mainly for our fans. Congratulations again to all our players».