Coach Attilio Caja at the end of Alma Trieste-Openjobmetis Varese Basketball:

«I have to congratulate all my players because today they managed to play a high-level game on a boiling hot court, against a team that was on very good form. And Trieste proved that even tonight – against many other teams, our game today would have been easier, but we had to suffer right until the end because Dalmasson’s team, putting character and willpower on court, proved that they were a great line-up. The pendulum swings from one side to the other, but if we are a good team, there is no doubt that Trieste is, too. And this reinforces our game even more, especially at a time when things are not going well. After these first four months of a doubling up of tasks, we were a bit hazy. Today, however, we managed to get through this difficult patch in the season with a result that reflects an authoritative performance. And my mega congratulations go to the whole team, and particularly to Ferrero who, today, was a great captain, a great leader. Giancarlo played with a passionate desire to do well, and with a great deal of energy. And in this sport, energy is invaluable and makes a huge difference – the technical aspects take a back seat when the desire is to get a basket. We are delighted with this result that gives us confidence ahead of Thursday’s game against Cremona that will inaugurate our Italian Cup Final Eight in Florence».