Paolo Moretti at the end of Enel Brindisi-Openjobmetis Varese:

“We have much to complain about,” said the Red & White’s coach. “If it is true that we played with a commendable commitment and with so much spirit, it is also true that in many moments of the game we were not at all clear and concrete because we made superficial mistakes. If you play against certain teams, in the long run you pay because after the first two quarters we could have even been above 15-20 points and instead we ended up having to play a close run match. Seeing the glass half-full, we played with our heads held high but, on the other hand, we lost too many balls, managing situations badly on court and plays, which, although they were simple, they have to be handled extremely carefully. We were not very solid psychologically. Let’s go home and try to analyse these mistakes, which unfortunately are repeated all too frequently, and learn from this experience for the future.”