The awards of the XV edition of the ‘Basketball: A School of Life’ project and the presentation at the end of the ‘School-Work Exchange’ Projects were held in the afternoon of Wednesday, 7 June 2017 at the PALA2A Press Room. Present at the meeting were Raffaella Demattè, project leader and club ticketing and logistics manager, Fabrizio Fiorini, Managing Director of Varese Basketball, Marco Caccianiga, Varese Province CONI delegate, Alessandro Macchi, FIP Provincial Board Counsellor and Daniele Zanzi, Deputy Mayor of Varese.

‘Basketball: A School of Life’, is a project sponsored by Varese Council, FIP, CONI and the Varese Province School Office. This year, it has hosted about 2,000 children at championship matches and the FIBA Basketball Champions League, thanks to the renewed support of the sponsor Teva, and with the inestimable support of Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching. This has again given children the opportunity to meet players in the classrooms of about 10 schools in Varese and the province. The athletes were available for interviews and discussions, thus allowing the children to discover the less visible but more authentic and educational aspects of sport – dedication, training and continual commitment to achieve desired objectives. Sport is then seen as a lived experience, as a gym for the pursuit of happiness and self-realisation. Moreover, the creativity of the boys was rewarded by Openjobmetis Varese Basketball, which chose the best banner displayed at PALA2A, by the second and third years at Fermi Primary School in Cavaria con Premezzo.

However, this year Varese Basketball’s commitment regarding schools has expanded and the doors of the Red & White’s club have opened to accommodate the ‘School-Work Exchange’ project with 13 pupils from third-years from different schools: the M. Ausiliatrice Sports Secondary School (2 boys), the Einaudi Institute (2 boys) and the E. Stein Secondary School (9 boys, tutor: Giovanni Todisco). These lucky boys were able to experience a professional sports company from all manner of perspectives – from the organisational point of view (with both the first team and the youth team technical staff) to marketing, communication, ticketing, and event organisation at the Piazza Monte Grappa headquarters with all the office staff. There was also valuable input regarding sport psychology and sports facility safety that was provided by industry professionals.

Openjobmetis Varese Basketball is delighted with the success of the projects that, once again, have allowed so many boys to approach basketball in the hope that they will be able to develop a passion for this magnificent sporting discipline.