Gianmarco Pozzecco has been granted honorary citizenship status for the city of Varese. The City Council of the ‘Garden City’ gathered yesterday evening and voted unanimously to award the title to Poz.

A star player with a jersey from Varese, where he has recently been as chief coach, Poz has always been loved by the Red & White’s fans for having won the Stella Shield on 11th May 1999 playing at Varese Roosters and, to this day, for having a close bond to the city. This honours a great champion who, whenever he is called upon to take part in social initiatives, never hesitates for one moment and always does so willingly and with pleasure for the community. Thus, “an anonymous November 14 becomes an unforgettable day.”

However, that’s not all. Yesterday evening, the Municipal Council of Varese also collected signatures for a proposal to award an honorary citizenship to Dino Meneghin, another giant of Varese basketball. Pozzecco and Meneghin thus join Manuel Raga and Bob Morse, two great foreign players of the legendary Ignis who, in recent years, have also been awarded honorary citizenship of Varese.

The ceremony of conferring citizenship on the two Varese Basketball champions will be timetabled by Varese City Council before Christmas.