“Varese in the Heart” continues to grow unabated. Banks S.r.l. and Bazzeghini & Bazzeghini S.n.c. have decided to expand and reinforce the consortium project in support of Varese Basketball and endorse the growing family of the consortium, which continues to represent a model for many other sporting organisations since its inception seven years ago.

BANKS S.r.l. develops products and solutions in the electronics industry using advanced technologies with a special focus on the specific needs of its customers. BANKS Group is a brand that can be defined as a ‘business chain’ and is structured in a system network that incorporates the core activities, technologies, resources and organisations that contribute to the creation, transformation, distribution, marketing and supply of a completed electronic product.

BAZZEGHINI & BAZZEGHINI S.n.c. has been working with a high degree of competence and professionalism in the metal-working industry since 1968 with iron, stainless steel, corten, bronze and aluminium. Amongst the many items it produces are residential and industrial fencing, parapets, anti- intrusion grilles, ornately decorated gates, covered roofs, lofts, indoor and outdoor stairwells, galvanised grilles, armoured locks, horizontally-pivoting and sectional doors, shutters, verandas, aluminium doors and windows, steel and PVC. Bazzeghini & Bazzeghini creates products across a wide spectrum ranging from individual pieces to custom-made furniture for homes and public places. In addition, the tradition of working hand-wrought iron, handed down by Mr Pierino to its current employees, allows this Varese company to independently work on individual pieces of wrought iron or to restore and bring new life to railings and balconies.