The youth sector of Varese Basketball launches a new and exciting project to assist in their personal and sporting development, and the study of the Under-18 Team, which will also take part in the C Silver championship series this year. The initiative is unique in Italy at the youth level and is being launched for the first time in the world of basketball and will involves the whole team, including the three coaches Andrea Menegon, Andrea Triacca and Alessandro Grati.

Teva Italy, the main sponsor of the youth sector – mini-basketball centre and top training sponsor under coach Moretti, which has always supported Varese Basketball initiatives related to youth teams, backed this innovative project and the values ​​that it conveys from the outset. This confirms the excellent working relationship that for years has linked the multinational pharmaceutical and the Red and Whites.

The unique “coaching” proposal is being supervised by Domenico Giordano, trainer at the School of Italian Life & Corporate Coaching. This has also been strongly supported by club Piazza Monte Grappa as a first concrete effort in investing in young people and creating a reservoir of strong, motivated players who are aware of the prospect of one day being called onto the first team. The goal is to optimise the investment of a modern basketball club providing a boost to young people’s self-realization that is then able to create a solid foundation to express their talent in sports.

Domenico Giordano is the new, humanist coach who will assist specialists and athletes of the Red and White U-18 / C Silver team for this pilot project that aims to help young people on their personal and basketball growth paths. The initiative looks ahead and ends with the 2016/2017 season but, at the same time, it will give the families of the boys and the coaches of the team the fundamentals to then continue independently with the task even when this new phase has terminated.

The priorities of the individual and athlete will be placed in the spotlight by discovering the strengths of each child and enhancing it by training. All this is carried out in order to enhance talent, helping athletes to grow smoothly and to address and consciously overcome any difficulties.

The project is self-financed thanks partly to crowdfunding through the TRIBOOM platform where anyone can participate in the development of the initiative dedicated to the young people of Varese Basketball by becoming a supporter. Hence, from November 5, fans and enthusiasts will actually be able to help the company to shape the young talents of the future in the region.