As part of a series of meetings coordinated by the ISISS F. Daverio boys – N. Casula, involving various sports organisations not in Varese province, Kristjan Kangur and Giancarlo Ferrero were in the Great Hall at the Varese Higher Institute this morning. Both Red & Whites, accompanied by Raffaella Demattè and Massimo Ferraiuolo, were back at school, creating a new stage of “Basketball: a school of life”, a Varese Basketball initiative which, thanks to Teva, top multinational pharmaceutical sponsor of the Red & Whites club, puts Red & White players in direct contact with the students in and around Varese Province. The project is sponsored by FIP, CONI, and Varese City and County Councils.

The meeting, in addition to Coach Attilio Caja’s Openjobmetis players, also included representatives of Handicap Sport Varese, Varese Football and the Varese Gorillas American Football Team.