The ‘Team Business’ event, promoted by Varese Basketball and the ‘Varese in the Heart’ Consortium, took place today in the splendid setting of the Napoleonic Villa at the Ville Ponti Congress Centre in Varese. A coupling in which Openjobmetis Varese Basketball brought together all its partners (Sponsors & Consortium Members) with the over-riding purpose of developing relationships and business.
‘Team Business’ is a useful tool to enhance and optimise sponsorship. It is an important date for all entrepreneurs to be able to select new companies to work with, both in terms of purchasing and the sales of goods and services. ‘Networking is one of the advantages that today Openjobmetis Varese Basketball is able to make available to its sponsors.
The event, which has returned after a number of years of absence, attracted a great deal of support with over 50 companies that demonstrated the effectiveness of the trade policy implemented by the Red & Whites company in this sporting season.