The large family of the ‘Varese in the Heart’ Consortium continues to grow unabated. Gi Plast Srl and Almar Srl are the two new consortium companies that have decided to expand and strengthen the broad ownership of Varese Basketball, enthusiastically joining a project which, after seven years since its inception, continues to represent a model for many other sports.

«We are very proud to welcome these two new companies into the Consortium family -says Alberto Castelli, president of “Varese in the Heart”-. Once again the Consortium proves to be a living entity that continues to attract much interest from companies in the area. The entrance of Gi Plast Srl and Almar Srl emphasises once again the importance of basketball in the city».

Gi Plast Srl was established in 1986 and over the years, it has been developing and improving the extrusion technology of plastics. Today Gi Plast Srl is a leading company thanks to its expertise, experience, flexibility and its continual research into new materials and new extrusion techniques. It is an unparalleled and reliable partner. The wide range of its products includes lighting diffusers and profiles, lenses, tubes, sheeting and multiwall panels that are sold all over the world. Among its customers are large domestic and international companies operating in the field of interior and exterior lighting, technical lighting, and road and industrial lighting. The development of its innovative items has also been successful in the public construction industry regarding facades devised by famous designers, and wall protector murals on hospital buildings.

Almar Srl is a well-established Italian company specialising in the production of shower systems. Its entrepreneurial strength is due to its ability to anticipate trends and optimise production processes, while continually prioritising the quality of its products. Adhering to the main UNI ISO 9001-2008 norms, Almar Srl guarantees high quality standards with state-of-the-art equipment and frequent staff training programmes that provide customers with a complete series of services and consultation from the design stage (including OEM projects) to the end product, while making the most of its expertise acquired in the many years of experience in the industry.