“My basketball is about those who play” (Il mio basket è di chi lo gioca), the autobiography of Meo Sacchetti, has been out for a few days in all Italian bookshops. The book, written together with Nando Mura, charts the entire life of Meo, first as a player at Novara, Turin and then, obviously, at Varese, for whom there is much praise and affection regarding the club and his teammates.

Included in the book is a description of his accident, his withdrawal and the slow path towards the benches of the highfliers, to the historic triple of Sassari and his homecoming at Brindisi. The description of Pozzecco at Capo d’Orlando is particularly good. However, Meo Sacchetti is much more that this – he is a bubbly character with a clear focus and is able to surprise fans and colleagues with his sincerity and likeability. His basketball sparkles, incorporating brisk runs, shots and imagination, where players are called to freely express their talents.

“My basketball is about those who play” is a genuine and direct book, just like Meo, full of anecdotes and a peek behind the scenes in both the National (Olympic and European), and into his life and in the clubs where he played. The book by Meo Sacchetti, published by Add, is in all Italian bookshops. We highly recommend it.