Varese Basketball is proud to announce its partnership with Team Cobram, the reigning 3vs3 Italian champion basketball team who, from the first weekend in June, will take part in the FISB Italian Tour 2019, a tournament that will see its conclusion with the ‘Finals’, to be held in Riccione from 26 to 28 July.

Hot off the press news for the Piazza Monte Grappa club that is going to make its own personal début in a discipline that has managed to attract more and more fans onto the summer courts in the main Italian cities year on year and, in 2020, will be part of Tokyo Olympic programme after the successful performance of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010.

Damiano Verri will wear be wearing the Varese Basketball scudetto on his jersey and, in the season that has just concluded, he wore the Openjobmetis jersey under coach Attilio Caja, Claudio Negri, Carlo Fumagalli and Alessandro Longoni. Daniele Quartieri, Patrizio Verri and Andrea Negri will be the reserves.

2019 FISB Italian Tour dates:

Milan: 01 – 02 June;
Sanremo: 08 – 09 June;
Turin: 15 – 16 June;
Bolzano: 22 – 23 June;
Pescara: 29 – 30 June;
Venice: 06 – 07 July;
Salerno: 13 -14 July;
Livorno: 20 – 21July;
Riccione: 26 – 27 – 28 July.