It is with a great deal of satisfaction that Varese Basketball announces that it will be taking part in the 2018/2019 FIBA Europe Cup. Two years after the last appearance in a European competition, the Red & Whites Company, which has the honour of having written itself into the European history books, has chosen to join the continental tournament organised by FIBA. It was only three seasons ago that it led to a battle for the Final 4 at Chalon, and lost by only a small margin in the final against Frankfurt. Since then, the FIBA Europe Cup has slightly changed its format, but Varese Basketball has not diminished in the slightest in its desire to play a leading role in Europe in an intriguing competition that will pit it against a variety of teams that come from all over the continent.

The Red & White’s journey will begin straight out of the regular season (which will begin on Wednesday, October 17 and end on Wednesday, November 21) by virtue of the excellent placement in the rankings obtained in the league last year. To discover who the contenders of the group are, however, it will be necessary to wait for the results of the two rounds of the FIBA Europe Cup Qualification Round (scheduled in September and October) and of the Qualification Round of the Basketball Champions League. The teams who are unqualified at the regular season of the BCL can exercise the right to take part in the Europe Cup. The pairings of the QR and the composition of the regular season groups will be published on Tuesday, July 31 in Monaco.

After the six regular season days, the first two who classify out of the eight groups will enter the next round (which will start on Wednesday December 12 and last until Wednesday February 6). They will then be divided into four other groups of four teams each. Teams who qualify will take part in the Round of 16, in which teams from the Basketball Champions League will join. The eight winners will then play the Quarter Finals (March 20-27) and then the four qualifying teams will compete in the Semi-finals (April 10-17). The final for which the trophy will be awarded will be on April 24 for the away, and on May 1 for the return.