Openjobmetis Varese Basketball is pleased to announce a partnership with the Autotorino Group who will supply cars to players and managers of the first team, thus becoming the “Official Car Partner” of the Red & Whites association for the 2018/19 season. The Autotorino Group logo will appear on the back of the match jerseys worn by Coach Attilio Caja’s players in the Serie A League championship as well as inside the Enerxenia Arena on a number of advertising spaces. The agreement states that the Autotorino Group makes 10 cars available to Varese Basketball that will be used by the team for the transportation of players and managers. The contract with Autotorino testifies to the initiative of the Valtellina group, which is already a leader in Italy, to increase the profile of its brand in the region and strengthen its presence among the top Italian BMW Dealers.

Andrea Conti, General Manager, Varese Basketball: «We are overjoyed that an important group such as Autotorino has decided to join our team. Having their logo on our jersey makes us particularly proud. I’m sure that this one with Autotorino will become a winning pairing destined to last over time».

Plinio Vanini, Chairman of the Autotorino Group SpA: «It was back in 2015 when the Autotorino Group welcomed the people of Varese and its province into its new showrooms. Since then, a relationship of increasing trust and familiarity has been created, so much so that in the whole Group, one customer in five turns to a branch in Varese. This has led us to live and share the passions that make people dream of this region – Varese Basketball is without doubt the largest, for their achievements, for their ability to thrill their fans, and for their support of a sporting ideal that includes all ages. So we wanted to face the new basketball season with the team, and with the significant responsibility of allowing 10 cars for the players and managers, on a path that begins with the BMW and MINI Dealership in Varese and, in turn, on our travels towards a new season with new Autotorino insignias in Viale Aguggiari. This is not just a sponsorship, but a partnership with which we trust we can reach significant goals together over time».