Quoting the announcement made a few days ago by the President of Pallacanestro Varese – Mr. Stefano Coppa – “Shortly, there will be a new entry in our Board of Directors, and it will not be a technical person.”

Today, the Company has officially announced the name of this new member of the Board of Directors, which Board is called upon fulfilling the task of bringing successful results by the end of the season, in line with the glorious tradition built by the basketball teams of Varese in so many years of passion and competitive commitment. As the President anticipated, he is not a sport technical person. Indeed, Mr. Marco Vittorelli is the President of the Name Sponsor for the current season – the employment agency Openjobmetis SpA.

We are enthusiastic and grateful to have Mr. Vittorelli as a new member of our Board of Directors,” said President Coppa. “This is a highly prestigious new entry, and, thanks to his great entrepreneurial experience and to his unquestioned passion and pride for the “white and red” team, he will certainly contribute to the success of our company.”

After the exciting win of the team last March 8, under the guidance of the new coach Attilio Caja, this comes as another piece of good news for Pallacanestro Varese, which is investing huge resources to inject new strength into the company.

To me, this new role implies a commitment which I embrace with enthusiasm and passion,” said Mr. Marco Vittorelli, the newly appointed member of the Board of Directors of the company headquartered in Varese, in Piazza Monte Grappa. “I am sure that together we will be able to work on new projects and continue with more energy along the path undertaken by this historical sport society. Finally, to me this is an opportunity to contribute to the fruitful cooperation that was already in place between the team and Metis from 2001 to 2004.”