The obtain press accreditations (limited to reporters, photographers, and cameramen) for the 2014/2015 season, the following steps should be followed:


  • Request for the seasonal or daily press accreditations must be submitted via e-mail ([email protected]) for the kind attention of the Press Office, stating the name and surname of each reporter and the number of his/her Journalist Board card. For seasonal accreditations, a passport photo in jpg format should also be attached.
  • Any request for specific places must be indicated in the above-mentioned e-mail.


  • Seasonal accreditations shall only be granted to reporters, photographers and cameramen who will consistently follow the home games played by Openjobmetis Varese. Should it emerge that an accreditation is only used occasionally, the society may withdraw such accreditation so as to allocate the related seat to other journalists. In this event, the reporter and/or photographer may still request Daily Accreditations for individual games.
  • No accreditations shall be given to reporters, photographers and cameramen who are not registered with the Board of Journalists. Should the reporter, photographer or cameramen in point be a practitioner who has not yet received his/her registration card, the relevant request must be accompanied by a written statement issued by the director of his/her paper/magazine or by the managing editor, certifying the status of correspondent.
  • The accreditation is personal and cannot be used by others. Should it turn out that the accreditation is being misused, the society may decide to withdraw it and report this violation of the applicable rules to SIAE (the Italian Society of Authors and Editors).
  • The society reserves the right to evaluate each individual request and to grant accreditations depending on the available capacity of the press area.


  • All requests for seasonal accreditations must be submitted by no later than next October 5.
  • All requests for daily accreditations must be submitted by no later than 12 a.m. of the Friday before the game (regardless of whether the game is played on a Saturday or a Sunday).


  • Press Office: Mr. Davide Minazzi – Mobile Phone: +39 340 9023781 – [email protected]

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