“I think it’s very serious for me to appear before you despite the expulsion: I apologise to the fans and to the club, and mainly to my players who I left alone, something that a coach should never do. Today there was no respect for us. The officials were asked to accept their decisions but they supervised the match and didn’t respect either me or Varese. I will say only one thing about the quarrel with Repesa who was the reason for my second appointment as coach – no trainer should be allowed to tell me how to do my job during a game. If I do not respect the officials, I am sent off, but if the officials do not respect my team, I lose games. So if I sense that something is wrong, I ask to speak to the officials. Repesa said some unspeakable things to me and I answered. Having said that, I take full responsibility for what I did today. Today the team wasn’t ready to face this match either technically or psychologically, but I repeat that this wasn’t what triggered my reaction. We lack the features to play against stronger teams than us. Our attack affects the defence – lost balls and missed shots completely stripped us of our confidence. We weren’t very good at reading the court – we are an instinctive team and not very able to reflect.”