“It was a game that, from the first, I struggled to handle and to deal with the tension I felt both in the preparation and in terms of the time as the game grew closer. I really struggled to communicate calm to my staff and my players and I think the boys felt it because we made our way onto the court all tense and we made many silly mistakes and we weren’t focused. I regret this, but it was also a duty seeing as it was the first home match with our fans. It was a match in which we were able to defend well because Caserta had impressed us from the outset and in the preseason. We had decided to keep up the offensive pressure and we managed to do it reasonably well, although not with the clarity that I would have hoped for. At the back, we did well to tone down the pace that our opponents like so much. The result at the level of the team’s performance was positive, even if we have to work hard on some trivial errors related to too much of a desire to do things even when it’s not necessary. This leads to giving our opponents advantages that they don’t deserve. We are still a work in progress, and we have to. and we can, improve. For now, we’ll take these two points and look ahead.”