Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese announces that Aleksa Avramović is now a player on our team. Born October 25, 1994 in Čačak, the Serbian athlete has signed a multi-year contract with the Red & Whites. A player who is continually growing and who is being watched by several European teams, Avramović was voted MVP of the Serbian league last season while recently he has been on display at the prestigious Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso. After beginning his career in 2010 at Mladost Čačak, with whom he played three seasons in 2013, he then moved on to KK Borac Čačak. In the 2014/2015 season, he played with an OKK Beograd jersey before returning to his home team demonstrating his qualities as a leader. With KK Borac Čačak last season, he scored 20.1 points (61.9% 2 points, 39% 3 points and 85% free shot points) with 4.4 rebounds and 5.9 average assists.

Paolo Moretti, coach at Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese: «Aleksa Avramović is a very interesting player and prospect. He is a tall, left-handed point guard and is dangerous in the perimeter, with a predisposition to the game in open court. However, his best quality is defence – because of his long arms and athleticism, he can put pressure on the ball, and these qualities will make our fans appreciate him all the more».

Aleksa Avramović, playmaker Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese: «I am very happy to be here at Varese Basketball, a club with a long history that can boast five Championship Cups. I still can’t believe that I’m playing for this team and just the thought gets me very excited. I can’t wait to get to Varese and begin training and playing in the Italian league. My dreams have come true».