«Tonight the first opponent we had to face was our emotional approach: in the first 5 minutes we were completely overtaken by the typical panic of debut. Overall, the rest of the game was balanced and we tried to do our best. However, in the first period we had a physical breakdown as we lost two key players, Galloway and Wayns. Our attacking strategy cannot work without them and if they are not playing, the whole team suffers. The underperformance of Thompson and Wayns is the result of poor knowledge of our championship. We have a lot of work to do and we must get to know each other better. We have been playing together for too short a time, we are a young and inexperienced team and we can only improve to build our own future. Anyway, I don’t think that tonight my boys did not do their best: we battled on every ball and we threw ourselves into it. Regardless of figures, until Bobby Jones, who knows our championship very well, joined the match, the game was basically balanced».