Yesterday’s game – Monday 16th October 2017 – between Openjobmetis Varese and Red October Cantù made the record books for the maximum score line of +31 ever recorded for the Red & Whites in a derby (the final result was 95-64). Prior to this, Varese’s largest gap against Cantù in a friendly was on 13th December 1960, when the then Ignis, coached by Enrico Garbosi, defeated Gianni Corsolini’s Fonte Levissima by 102-72. Even in an away match, the result proves to have the same difference, i.e. a 70-100 victory (24th February 1963) by Vittorio Tracuzzi’s Ignis over Corsolini’s Fonte Levissima.

This is, however, not the only record at yesterday’s derby. Stanley Okoye equalled his personal best and a new rebound and efficiency record – the Red & Whites Small Forward had equalled his 22 points in the 2014/15 season, again wearing a Varese jersey, on the 28th day against Capo d’Orlando. The 18 rebounds attained in yesterday’s postponement mark his personal record as he had 12 in the 2014/15 championship against Rome, and equalled the season record that he shares with Lalanne. The 15 defensive rebounds, in addition to being his personal best, are also records in the first 3 days of the Serie A Basketball League, beating the 13 by Shawn Jones on the first day. Stan’s best efficiency of his career with the 35 he achieved yesterday exceeds the 30 against Capo d’Orlando in the 2014/15 season and is ranked third in the season behind Johnson-Odom’s 40 and Moore’s 37.