Openjobmetis Varese Basketball is pleased to announce the renewal of the Ricola sponsorship. The contract has been extended between the company and the ten-time champion of Italy for the next season and will thus continue to support the Red & Whites club as a sponsor. The partnership with Ricola, which is synonymous with quality in natural medicinal herbs products in more than 50 countries globally, represents another step forward in the Varese Basketball project, which continues to grow by finding consensus in strategic companies.

Andrea Conti, general manager, Varese Basketball: «We are very happy to welcome back Ricola among the other sponsors for the next season. It is a company who, like Varese Basketball, is very attentive to the environment and who has a strong relationship with its fans. Ricola will take the lead at the Enerxenia Arena with a special thought geared towards our super fans. I am sure that the renewed partnership between Varese Basketball and Ricola will benefit both companies».

Luca Morari, Chairman Divita srl, with headquarters in Gallarate, which distributes Ricola exclusively in Italy: «Ricola not only has an eye on the world of sport in genereal but also on team sports in particular. Our offices are located in Gallarate and we are therefore particularly pleased to be working together with a basketball company in our area. We are very pleased to support the team and all the fans in this wonderful sport. Moreover, during some of the home games, Ricola sweets will be available to gladden the palates of the fans in the Enerxenia Arena, along with our friendly mascot Mr. Ricola, who will be a supporter!»

Ricola is a family company which boasts a long tradition. It was founded in Switzerland by Emil Richterich in 1930 and is now in its third generation. Ricola has its headquarters in Laufen, near Basel, and has subsidiaries in the United States and Asia. For almost 90 years, Ricola has been synonymous with quality in the manufacturing of speciality products based on natural medicinal herbs in more than 50 countries worldwide. The reputation of the brand is based on simple but foundational ingredients which, begining with a tradition in the production of sweets and herbal items, is combined with the distinctive values of the region and is oriented towards the modernity of product and process innovation. Ricola has succeeded in becoming a market leader, keeping its position steady over time owing to its development of a wide range of goods. Since June 2006, distribution in Italy has been managed by Divita srl, a company owned by the Swiss group based in Gallarate (VA), whose managing director is Luca Morari.