Openjobmetis Varese Basketball is pleased to announce an innovative project created in collaboration with Bridgestone Italy, the Italian branch of the world’s leading tyre manufacturer.

The partnership between the two companies, created through the sharing of the Humanist coaching model of the Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching, is based on the shared values ​​and methods in the ‘Raising Varese’ project, which focuses on the enhancement of human and sporting talent.
The project takes the form of a series of initiatives with the aim of putting into the mix skills and experiences for the achievement of the objectives for both parties.
The first major success was reached at the end of January and involved 12 managers and a number of Openjobmetis Varese Basketball Under-18 boys. This was an opportunity for Teambuilding and Shadow Coaching and for discussion and learning bound up in a context of sporting values.
A second moment of exchange between the two companies was the participation by Coach Moretti at the First Stop Convention, which is the Bridgestone Family Network of tyre dealers and specialised car services. This was held in Rome last February, and Coach Moretti spoke about the importance of teamwork and the path that leads to turning a group into a team.
Among the projects in the pipeline, a Red and White player from the Under-16 team will have an unprecedented educational opportunity in Bridgestone Italy as part of a summer apprenticeship. The lucky player will work in the company for two weeks based on a profile that will be outlined by a coach from the Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching in which certain areas for identifying passion and attitude will be explored.
This is an innovative project and a new partnership between a multinational company and a basketball club.

Massimo Ferraiuolo, Youth Sector and Minibasket Varese Basketball Coordinator: «The most rewarding feeling is the fact that a company of this calibre shares with Varese Basketball the principles that we require to determine the growth and development of our youth sector. The young men of tomorrow, these boys are trained and helped to develop their ‘talents’ fully, and place themselves at the service of the team, which is even more valuable. In addition to thanking Bridgestone, I want to thank Luna Tovaglieri and Domenico Giordano, the true proponents of this great and hopefully enduring collaboration».

Roberta Gandini, HR Bridgestone: «Supporting ‘Raising Varese’, Bridgestone has achieved one of its most important values which is to contribute to the development of the society of which it is a part, in particular by investing in young people to give them the means to fulfil their talent, primarily as men and also as sportsmen or even future business managers. This collaboration has allowed us to share a vision and Humanist approach that unites both companies and has been made possible thanks to the passion and desire for a great future by exceptional people like Luna Tovaglieri and Max Ferraiuolo in Varese Basketball and Domenico Giordano in the Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching».

Luna Tovaglieri, Head of Varese Basketball Marketing: «I am very proud that Bridgestone has seen something in us and our way of working. The relationship created with the company is very strong, and consists of exchanges and continual interaction. This is the first time that we have built up a relationship with a company with HR and not Marketing or Communications. We hope that this partnership will become stronger and stronger in the pursuit of common goals».

Domenico Giordano, teacher at the Italian School of Corporate & Life Coaching: «Bringing together two completely different companies by sharing a common working model such as Humanist coaching is a signal of deconstruction towards a new way of thinking about organizations. In addition, if we say that the goal is to contribute to the enhancement of the talent and self-realisation of young people, then I think that this partnership will acquire a greater significance».