We have some wonderful news at Openjobmetis Varese Basketball. The Red & Whites are happy to announce a sponsorship agreement with Ricola, who will join the pool of its backers. The Ricola logo, in addition to appearing on the Varese Basketball website, made its debut on the PALA2A parquet on the first day of the Serie A Basketball League, customising the border area of the court under the basket. Ricola, which specialises in quality medicinal herbs in more than 50 countries worldwide, is a further boost to the Red & White’s project which continues to garner approval in major companies.

Luca Morari, Managing Director of Divita Italia Srl, a company based in Gallarate that distributes Ricola in Italy: «Ricola follows the world of sports and especially team sports. We are therefore overjoyed to have reached an agreement with a basketball club in the area. We will be present with our logo on the border of the court during home matches and, of course, with our products that will support all the fans. At some of the matches you will even get the chance to see our mascot, Mr Ricola».

Claudio Coldebella, general manager of Varese Basketball: «We are very happy that a well-known and prestigious brand like Ricola has decided to join the pool of sponsors who back Varese Basketball. The fact that more and more businesses are deciding to enhance their brand via the Red & Whites makes us proud and happy. We are confident that this synergy will deliver great results and will be able to develop over time and benefit both companies».