Openjobmetis SpA is a private employment agency created in 2011 through the merger of Openjob SpA and Metis SpA, which have pooled together the know-how and unique expertise that has distinguished them for over 16 years. Openjob SpA started operating in 2001. In July 2003, Wise SGR, through one of its funds, acquired a stake in the company. In December of the following year, the company launched its expansion plan, which was implemented through a series of acquisitions (Pianeta Lavoro, In Time, QuandoccoRre, JOB). 14 March 2011 was the turning point: through negotiations carried out by Wise SGR, Omniafin SpA (then Comarfin SpA) and the Management of Openjob, work started on the integration of Openjobmetis SpA with Metis SpA, a private employment agency founded in 2000 by Omniafin SpA (then Comarfin SpA), the company of the Vittorelli family, with a group of institutional investors. Lastly, in January 2013, Openjobmetis acquired Corium, the first outplacement firm established in Italy, operating since 1986. Openjobmetis SpA relies on a network of more than 120 branches distributed throughout Italy, specialising in the following areas: Healthcare, Industrial, Banking&Finance, Mass Retailing, ICT, Hotel and Catering, Family Care, Agro-Industrial, Diversity Talent and Naval. The range of services is completed by the subsidiary Seltis Srl, which focuses on the recruitment and selection of middle/top-level executives. Today Openjobmetis is one of the leading Italian operators in its field, with revenues of approximately EUR 461 million in the year ended 31 December 2016. Openjobmetis S.p.A. is the first and the only private employment agency listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, in the STAR segment. In December 2015, CRIBIS D&B awarded the CRIBIS D&B Rating 1 to Openjobmetis, recognising the company at the highest level of economic and financial reliability and in 2017, it further upgraded the rating, awarding it the title of CRIBIS Prime Company, which bears witness to the high level of creditworthiness and economic and financial solidity.

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