‘Varese in the Heart’ is continuing to grow substantially. Two more companies have indeed wedded to the consortium project, enthusiastically joining the great family of the consortium – Anthea S.p.A. and Marelli & Pozzi S.p.A., thus extending and strengthening the broad ownership of Varese Basketball.

Alberto Castelli, President of the “Varese in the Heart” Consortium — “We are delighted that the two well-known companies, Anthea and Marelli & Pozzi have become part of the ‘Varese in the Heart’ Consortium. It is a clear sign of how the project, which was established with our passion for Varese Basketball, continues to garner more and more support across the region. This news does nothing but boost our confidence for the season about to open.”

Flavio Marelli, Chairman Anthea S.p.A. — “We are proud and happy to be part of the ‘Varese in the Heart’ Consortium. When considering risk and challenge, we are in our element. This is why we are very enthusiastic that this year Anthea will do its best to support Varese Basketball. Our choice is the fruit of a long journey, which was certainly not a makeshift one, which led Anthea to position itself as a credible representative for the entire sports world, ranging from football to volleyball and, obviously, moving on to basketball. He who dominates risk, always wins. This is what I wish for the team.”

Massimo Pozzi, Owner Marelli & Pozzi S.p.A. — After two years of collaboration, it is, for me, a great pleasure to have made this choice, which was forged in the pleasant and healthy environment of the ‘Varese in the Heart’ Consortium. It is an honour for me to make our own contribution to a sports organisation with a glorious and historical past.”