Varese Basketball and Openjobmetis S.p.A. are pleased to announce that they have reached a sponsorship agreement for the 2017/18 sports season. Openjobmetis, the first and only employment agency listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, based in Gallarate and nationally over the whole of Italy with a wide network of over 120 branches, has decided to renew the partnership with the Red & Whites club with the aim to continue to work together based on the values of passion, respect, and a continual forward-looking strategy that are common to both organisations. Openjobmetis S.p.A., confirming its support for Varese Basketball, will back the Red & Whites in Serie A Basketball as Main Sponsor for the fourth consecutive year.

Rosario Rasizza, Managing Director, Openjobmetis S.p.A.: «Four years together attest to our desire to be alongside Basketball Varese. Renewing our sponsorship demonstrates how much Openjobmetis believes in the company’s sports project and how much it wants to support it to see it shine again among the stars of basketball. I hope that the upcoming season will be a turning point, with less pain and an even richer degree of satisfaction and emotions. We all deserve it, especially the fans who set the terraces of our beloved PALA2A on fire with their enthusiasm every Sunday».

Monica Salvestrin, Vice-Chairperson, Varese Basketball: «It has been four years since the beginning of this incredible story which links Openjobmetis and Varese Basketball. Four long, intense seasons in which Openjobmetis has been alongside our company with sensitivity and commitment and without ever losing heart even in the hardest of times. This endows it with the privilege of not being just a plain sponsor, but a sturdy bulwark that supports Varese Basketball with a labour of love».

Antonio Bulgheroni, Counsellor, Varese Basketball: «We are very happy and proud that Openjobmetis has decided to renew its partnership with Varese Basketball for the fourth consecutive year. Their commitment is testimony to the great work the Red & Whites club has currently been doing. All we want to do is repay their confidence both in terms of results on court and in marketing and communications, efforts to strengthen the brands of both companies».