This morning at the Farnese Chapel at the Town Hall in Bologna, a Basketball Hall of Fame ceremony took place. This is the highest award that FIP assigns to those who have endeavoured to raise the awareness of Italian basketball.
The Red & Whites were a main player in 2015 – Varese Basketball 1970-79 (historical clubs, for ten consecutive Championship Cups) and Iwan Bisson (athletes), under a proposal by the Honours Commission, were awarded Italy’s Basketball Hall of Fame 2015 by the Federal Council.
FIP therefore celebrated the 1970s to the highest degree, which is indelibly carved into the history books by Varese, the only basketball team in the history of European basketball capable of reaching ten consecutive Championship Cups (currently Euroleague), winning the continental trophy five times. Thus, the legendary exploits of the extraordinary Ignis, Mobilgirgi and Emerson teams who distinguished themselves in an era in Italian and European basketball, have been rewarded.
Iwan Bisson, born in 1946 from Macerata, played at Varese Basketball from1970-1978. His induction into the Italian Basketball Hall of Fame is in recognition for a fabulous career spent almost entirely at Varese. On court, he was the prototype of the modern forward – a great defender, Iwan was very quick in his movements and he was equipped with a very effective jump shot. He was one of the pillars of Ignis-Girgi whose dominance, in those years, was widespread.
For Varese Basketball 1970-79, other than Iwan Bisson, the following were also present: Guido Borghi, Antonio Bulgheroni, Sandro Galleani, Sandro Gamba, Dino Meneghin, Aldo Ossola and Marino Zanatta. Others who received awards from Federbasket were Bianca Rossi (athletes), Bogdan Tanjevic (coaches) and Achille Canna (A life for basketball).
Representing Varese Basketball, the following took part at the ceremony: Marco Vittorelli, Antonio Bulgheroni, Claudio Coldebella and Luna Tovaglieri, Chairman, Counsellor, General Manager and Head of Red & Whites Marketing.