Before the traditional comments by the coach, Andrea Conti, General Manager, said a few words at the press conference:

«Firstly, congratulations go to Sassari for the season that they’re playing both in Italy and Europe. They’re a strong, physical team and credit goes to both the club and the coach. However, it’s unacceptable and inadmissible for Varese Basketball to come and play a game that is not on an even playing field and endure 38 free throws for 33 fouls. It’s not acceptable to endure such a thing by the officials. I am ready to pay the consequences, but this is the first time Varese Basketball has complained about anything like this».

Attilio Caja:
«I think the 30 points from the free throws speaks for itself. Sassari is clearly an example of how to play basketball, they’re doing great things and proving themselves compared to what they did last year. I agree with the General Manager, Sassari has nothing to do with what happened tonight, but I am mortified by what I have seen».