The 2019/2020 Varese Basketball season ticket campaign opened today. From the early hours of the morning, a number of Red & White fans gathered at the entrance of the Enerxenia Arena for the traditional battle to see who would get season ticket number one. A sign of affection that once again embodies a sense of belonging to the great Red and White family. Because, just as the slogan chosen for the season ticket campaign this year says, We Are Varese.

Claudio Colombo from Venegono Superiore is the first season ticket holder. In the queue since 6:00 am, Claudio, as he did last year, beat everyone and renewed his ticket in the Gold Stand. In second place on the podium of the loyal was Emanuele Macchi, who was also in the queue since 6, and has his ticket in the North Curve. Edoardo Scola, native of Milan with Varese in his heart, on the other hand, got ticket number three renewing his season ticket in the Gallery. Not on the podium for being the fastest, very young Tommaso Badà deserves a special mention as he got his season ticket in the Gallery with his mother, grandmother and auntie by taking advantage of the Under 14s discount.

The loyalty and speed of the first fans was rewarded with official Varese Basketball products and with a souvenir photo in the centre of the court with coach Attilio Caja.