Requests for the issuance of daily or seasonal press accreditation can be sent by email ([email protected]) to the Press Office indicating name and surname of journalist and the corresponding card number of the Association of Journalists. For seasonal accreditation, photo ID in JPG format must be attached. If the applicant is a practising journalist without a card, the request must be accompanied by a written statement by the director responsible for the publication or by the editor in chief that is able to certify the status of the applicant.


  • Requests for seasonal accreditation must be sent no later than October 1.
  • Requests for daily accreditation must be sent no later than 12.00 on the Friday before the match. For cup matches, requests must be received by the press office no later than 12.00 on the day prior to the match.


  • The company reserves the right to evaluate individual requests and grant accreditation based on the capacity of the area reserved for the press.
  • Seasonal accreditation is granted to journalists and photographers who continually cover Varese Basketball home games. If it is found that the accreditation is not utilised in accordance with the rules, the company has the right to withdraw it in order to liberate places for other journalists. In this case the journalist and / or photographer can request daily accreditation which is valid for only a single game.
  • Accreditation is personal and non-transferable. If improper use of accreditation is discovered, the company will be able to withdraw it and proceed to report the breech of any existing law to SIAE – the Italian Association of Authors and Editors.


Photographers wishing to access stadiums during the sports season in order to carry out their professional activities are required to apply to the LBA no later than September 30 before submitting a request for accreditation to the host club. They must also specify authorisation with seasonal validity (‘Photographer Seasonal Accreditation’) according to the procedures outlined in Annex 7 of Media Regulation ( Only photographers who possess ‘Photographer Seasonal Accreditation’ can subsequently submit a request to the Club for access to the stadium for a single match (‘Photographer Match Accreditation’) or for the entire season. The Club has the right to grant a limited number of ‘Match Accreditations’ in derogation of the abovementioned for photographers who are not holders and lack the necessary ‘Photographer Seasonal Accreditation’ requirements. Any requests on an occasional basis for access to the stadium must, however, be forwarded to, and expressly approved, by the LBA.


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