The Varese Basketball Store is the only retailer of all the official Red & Whiteโ€™s club products.
Located beside the entrance of the Enerxenia Arena Parterre (Piazzale Gramsci, Varese), the Pallacanestro Varese Store allows you not only to purchase tickets in advance to watch Openjobmetis matches, but also to find all the official Varese Club products. These include league and cup jerseys, the lifestyle line, historic jerseys (Ignis, Mobilgirgi and Roosters), and brand new objects such as mugs, stickers, USB dongles and many more.


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Pallacanestro Varese Spa
Piazza Monte Grappa, 4
21100 Varese

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E-mail: [email protected]
T. 0332 240.990
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