“We are happy for the win and the two points, but we members of the staff are even happier because tonight we have played a strong game and finally we have the feeling that all the work that has been done so far is now translating into results during the games -said Paolo Moretti-. Of course, we still make lots of mistakes because of instinctual reactions that are difficult to control, but we are quickly developing the idea that we have to look for one another, help each other and find each other, and this time we have even put all this in practice consistently. This was a major key for our success. We feared this game also because Griccioli is a top-level man and coach. You can see this by simply looking at his teams and also today, despite the fact that they had to face several unexpected circumstances, they managed to pull the game back and obtain the throw in the overtime, even if we have given them a really hard time. What matters most to us is winning against a healthy and strong team such as Capo d’Orlando.”